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Faywood Hot Springs is a high desert oasis with many natural geothermal pools for those who wish to partake of healthful, rejuvenating mineral water to soothe the body and soul. Enjoy our comfortable cabins, camping, hiking, bird watching, star-gazing, and peaceful solitude. Located midway between Silver City and Deming, we provide an ideal base for exploring southwestern New Mexico's vast Gila Wilderness and high Chihuahuan Desert. Visit the cultural, historical and natural wonders of our region, then return to relax in soothing, natural mineral water pools.

a long history, condensed

Faywood Hot Springs is a unique natural geothermal resource and a true desert oasis. The 137 degree F water flows from the top of a tufa dome, 5020’ above sea level. Over eons, this dome was created by flowing mineral waters deposited on the nearly flat desert floor. This unusual geological phenomenon is a remnant of violent volcanic episodes occurring 20-45 million years ago, when nearby City of Rocks State Park was formed. Prehistoric peoples, explorers, travelers, soldiers, miners, a professional baseball team and visitors from around the world have found respite at Faywood Hot Springs. To native Americans, this was a sacred healing place. Circular depressions (mortar holes) in the tufa dome suggest very early use of the springs by these peoples. Pottery and other artifacts found nearby indicate that the Mimbres people knew of these waters, as did the later Apaches. Northbound Spanish explorers in the mid-1500s were probably the first western visitors at the springs. In the mid-1800s several stage lines stopped at the hot springs long enough for passengers to bathe. Later it became a well-known stop for travelers on the westward migration to California. Colonel Richard Hudson visited the hot springs in 1870 to seek relief from gout. His speedy recovery was so remarkable that he decided to purchase the property and share the waters with others suffering from various ailments. The fifty-room Hudson Hotel was built in 1876 (serving as a stop for the stage route from Mesilla to Silver City). Unfortunately, the hotel was completely destroyed by fire in 1892. In 1894 Andrew Graham purchased the hot springs property and constructed Casa de Consuelo (House of Comfort), a sixty-room hotel which was reputed to be the most luxurious in the New Mexico Territory. At the turn of the century, T. C. McDermott visited the hot springs in the hope of alleviating terrible stomach ulcers. Drinking the water, he quickly recovered and returned to buy the property with his partners, J.C. Fay and William Lockwood (whose combined names created "Faywood"). McDermott became sole proprietor and continued to operate the fancy hotel. He swore by the healthful properties of the water, which he bottled and sold. He drank the water daily and lived to the ripe old age of 96. While the 1890s marked the peak of America’s faith in the healthful qualities of hot springs, Faywood enjoyed it most popular period in the early 1900s. It remained an important social center for Silver City and Deming residents during the 1930s and early 1940s. As the number of visitors declined after the second World War, the once luxurious hotel deteriorated and began to lose its glitter to the dimming influence of age. It was razed in 1951. Soon after McDermott died, the property changed hands several times until Kennecott Copper acquired it in 1966. The present owners purchased the property from Phelps Dodge in 1993. They have embarked on an extensive rebuilding project – carefully preserving its natural beauty and the remaining historical attributes, so that Faywood Hot Springs can once again provide an enticing environment for those who wish to partake of its rejuvenating waters.

HOURS  10am-10pm daily

CHECKOUT TIME 10AM for overnight guests
Per Day: Adults $12.00; Child (under 12) $6.00
($72.00 per hour minimum)
Adults (1-9 Adults) $18.00/person/hour
Groups (10+ Adults) $16.00/person/hour
Child (under 12) $9.00/person/hour
PRIVATE POOLS ($24.00 per hour minimum)
Per Hour: Adults $12.00; Child (under 12) $6.00
Per Hour: Groups (10-15 people) $10.00/person/hr      
PRIVATE HOT TUBS (user controls temperature)  Per Hour: Adults $12.00   Child (under 12) $6.00
CAMPING Includes use of all public facilities from  time of arrival until 10AM the following morning.
Tent   1 Person $18.00; 2 People $29.00  
RV      1 Person $24.00; 2 People $36.00
RV sites 8, 9 & 10 (50 Amps) add $4.00
RV site 18 (30 Amps, privacy fence) add $6.00
Each Additional Adult - $15.00
Each Additional Child (under 12)  $10.00

CABINS One bedroom with full bath, sleeping loft and porch (some screened-in). Queen-sized bed (linens & towels provided), kitchenettes (microwave, small refrigerator, sink, coffeemaker, dishes, utensils), a table and chairs, heat and air. Private yard, picnic table and outdoor BBQ. Includes use of all public pools & facilities until 11 AM the following morning, plus 1 hour private pool. Check-in after 1 PM. Sorry, no smoking or candles inside cabins. Only two of the cabins are pet-friendly.                       1 or 2 People $96
Additional Loft Bed (for above) $12
Additional Adult $30 (futons, linens, towels provided) Each Additional Child (under 12) $15 if they bring sleeping bags & towels (we supply futons only).
Pet (Apache & Mimbres cabins only) $12

ADOBE CABIN One bedroom with NO BATH (outhouse, flush toilets & showers nearby). Queen-sized bed (linens & towels provided), coffeemaker, heat & air. Private yard, picnic table, outdoor BBQ. Includes use of public pools & facilities until 11 AM the following morning, plus one hour free in private pool. Check-in after 1 PM. Sorry, no smoking, candles or pets inside Adobe Cabin.                         1or 2 People $60

GUEST HOUSE Two bedroom mobile home with full bath. Two queen-sized beds (linens & towels provided), full kitchen (microwave, refrigerator, stove/oven, sink, coffeemaker, dishes, utensils), table and chairs, heat and air. Private yard, picnic table and outdoor BBQ. Includes use of all public pools & facilities until 11 AM the following morning, plus 1 hour private pool. Check-in after 1 PM. Sorry, no smoking or candles or pets inside Guest House.   1 or 2 People $120
Additional Adult $30                                       Additional Child (under 12) $15

RENTALS   Bath Towel $1.25;  Swimsuit $1.25

Faywood Hot Springs
165 Highway 61
HC 71 Box 1240
Faywood, NM 88034
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